Here We Go!

After months (years?) of discussing it, me and my friends Jeff and Liles finally decided to start home brewing about three weeks ago.  All three of us are fans of big beers: “hop grenade” IPAs, midnight black imperial stouts, anything aged in bourbon barrels, funky Belgian ales, you name it.  It was high time for us to get into the art and science of actually making the stuff.  We wanted to hit the ground running and make the same kind of beer we enjoy drinking.  No wimpy amber ales or low ABV session brown ales for this crew.  We would rather fail making a beer we want, rather than succeed at something we will never drink.

Jeff agreed to host the brewing at his house in the Highlands neighborhood in North Denver, since he has a nice big kitchen and a suitable outdoor space for brewing.  He also lives geographically between me and Liles, so it’s convenient for all three parties.

This blog will serve as a record of our efforts and hopefully help us to learn from our successes and, more importantly, our failures.  First up, Nookie IPA!

Can these three guys possibly figure this out? (Photo: M. Walker)

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