Brewing the ‘Nookie IPA (Part 2)

Our inaugural IPA stayed in the primary fermenter for two weeks in Jeff’s guest bedroom. Jeff monitored the temperature during that time, which varied between 60 and 65 degrees. After the two weeks, it was time to rack the beer into a glass carboy, generously donated by my coworker Bridget. We will have to name a beer after her one of these days. Racking was extremely easy, since we used an auto siphon.

There was a ton of yeast built up in the primary fermenter after we were done. Some of it made it into the carboy as well. I can now see why it’s important to do a two-stage fermentation.  After the beer was racked, I secured the airlock.

We moved the carboy back into the guest room for another week, where the temperature averaged 63 – 65 degrees. Then Jeff dry hopped the hell out of the beer. The recipe called for using one ounce of pellet hops to dry hop, but screw that! We added an additional two ounces of whole leaf hops to our brew. This is going to be one DANK-smelling mother of a beer when we bottle it. Check out this beautiful sight:

I can't wait to smell this!

Next up for the ‘Nookie: bottling day!

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