Saison Season (Part 1)

On the same day we racked our ‘Nookie IPA, we started working on our second beer, a Belgian-style saison, otherwise known as a farmhouse ale. Jeff picked out the kit from Northern Brewer. All three of us are fans of the style and, with warmer weather approaching, this seemed like a good choice. We are calling it:

The label for our second beer (click to enlarge)

Here is how the first day went down:

After racking our IPA, we got started on brewing the Farmhouse 11. It went pretty smoothly at first. We steeped the specialty grains, just like we did with our IPA, then got up to a full boil. We cut the heat, then added the malt extract (6.3 lbs Gold Malt Syrup and 1 lb Gold Dry extract). We got the wort back up to a boil and added the first half ounce of hops, which led to:


Since our IPA never even got close to boiling over, this caught us a little off guard. Fortunately, we didn’t lose too much, and I’m glad that I didn’t add all of the 2.5 oz of the French Strisselspalt hops at the same time. We cut the heat again and I added the rest of the first hop addition before bringing it back to a boil. In the future, we need to account for the fact that the turkey fryer throws off a lot more heat than a typical stove burner. We may even be losing some flavor when steeping our specialty grains due to the water getting too hot too quickly. We probably should have also watched this video beforehand:

Other than that mishap, everything else went well. Jeff was able to multitask:

Drinking while brewing is always a good idea

Liles cooled the wort with our wort chiller, we strained the wort into our primary fermenter, aerated it and took a gravity reading. The OG was reading about 1.055, which is close enough to where we wanted it. Then I pitched the yeast and we sealed up the fermenter.

Next up: Bottling the ‘Nookie!


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