About the Brewers

Alex Karklins

 Alex has been a fan of good beer ever since a trip to England when he was 17 years old. After drinking Guinness Stout and cask conditioned real ale for a month, Bud Light and Coors were just never going to cut it.  His favorite breweries include: Great Divide, Avery, Russian River, Odell, and Mikkeller.

When he isn’t brewing, Alex works at the University of Denver as an Instructional Technologist.  Skiing, golfing, bread-baking, and watching movies with his fiancée Megan take up the rest of his free time.

Jeff Van Benschoten

Jeff is a huge craft beer fan and an avid snowboarder.  His house serves as the headquarters of our home brewing operation. His lovely wife Heather has tolerated our presence in their kitchen and back yard . . . so far.

Liles Lipe

Liles is an Arkansas Razorback and a master of smoked meats. He is also a craft beer fanatic and holds the important title of Scrub Boy in our home brewing operation. His promotion through the ranks is contingent upon bringing BBQ ribs to brewing sessions.

Three Amigos!


2 thoughts on “About the Brewers

  1. This sounds awesome. I used to brew with some friends back home (just moved to Aurora in October). We did beer and flavored rum mostly. I want to try some of your guys’ beer, for sure.

    • Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement, Chris. With only one batch under our belt, we still have a lot to prove! That flavored rum sounds interesting; I’ve done some vodka infusions before. What were you flavoring the rum with?

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